chapter  25
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Part II–Сomposites on the Base of Polypropylene and Ethylene-Octene Rubber

The structure and physical properties of the thermoplastic vulcanisates (TPE-V) produced in the process of the reactive processing of polypropylene (PP) and ethyleneoctene elastomer (EOE) in the form of alloy, using the cross-linking system was analysed. With the DMTA, SEM and DSC it has been demonstrated that the dynamically produced vulcanisates constitute a typical dispersoid, where semi-crystal PP produces a continuous phase, and the dispersed phase consists of molecules of the cross-linked ethylene-octene elastomer, which play a role of a modifier of the properties and a stabiliser of the two-phase structure. It has been found that the mechanical as well as the thermal properties depend on the content of the elastomer in the blends, exposed to mechanical strain and temperature. The best results have been achieved for grafted/ cross-linked blends with the contents of iPP/EOE-55/45%.