chapter  32
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Progress in Pore Structure Analysis of Porous Membranes

ByBentolhoda Hadavi Moghadam, Mahdi Hasanzadeh

Nanoporous membranes are an important class of nanomaterials that can be used in many applications, especially in micro and nanofiltration. Electrospun nanofibrous membranes have gained increasing attention due to the high porosity, large surface area per mass ratio along with small pore sizes, flexibility, and fine fiber diameter, and their production and application in development of filter media. Image analysis is a direct and accurate technique that can be used for characterization of porous media. This technique, due to its convenience in detecting individual pores in a porous media, has some advantages for pore measurement. The three-dimensional reconstruction of porous media, from the information obtained from a two-dimensional analysis of photomicrographs, is a relatively new research area. In the present chapter, we have reviewed the recent progress in pore structure analysis of porous membranes with emphasis in image analysis technique. Pore characterization techniques, properties, and characteristics of nanoporous structures are also discussed in this chapter.