chapter  4
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Dynamically Vulcanized Thermoelastoplastics Based on Butadiene- Acrylonitrile Rubber and Polypropylene Modified Nano Filler

Thermoplastic vulcanizates based on polypropylene and nitrile-butadiene rubber, containing modified organoclay were developed. It was shown that composites containing 1 to 5 pbw of Cloisite 15A montmorillonite added to rubber show improved physical-mechanical characteristics. Their swelling degree in AI-92 and motor oil was determined. The swelling degree of composites in petrol and motor oil decreases substantially, by 20-63%, due to the introduction of Cloisite15A montmorillonite. Modification of thermoplastic vulcanizates using layered silicates raised the degradation onset temperature and decreases weight loss upon high temperature heating.