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List of Symbols

A proportionality constant a1 and a2 unit vectors aq energy barrier B hole affinity constant c ( x ) concentration cA concentration of diffusant A D pore diameter e1, e2 and e3 coordinates in the current configuration eV electron energy F applied external force G1, G2 material coordinates of a point in the initial configuration J molecular flux K temperature dependent Henry’s law coefficient Kn Knudsen number K0 proportionality constant KP henry’s law constant L membrane thickness M molecular mass

msample sample weight M

η molecular weight

N number of carbon atoms in the lattice n quantization number Na the number of molecules Nimp number of adsorbed hydrogen atoms P permeability px parallel component of the graphene sheet Q heat of adsorption R radius of the modeled SWCNT R0 initial radius of the undisturbed fibril rp pore radius S solubility coefficient T thickness of the adsorbate film T0 constants depending on some quantum mechanical values Tmelt melting point of polyamide U constant of the Coulomb repulsion V center-of-mass velocity component V hybridization potential V'', V' volumes of polysaccharide VL molecular volume of the condensate X position across the membrane Γ interfacial tension Δ p pressure drop across the membrane ΔS entropy change ΔН fusion heat Θ time-lag Λ mean free path of molecules ρ(x) an arbitrary probability distribution function ρ'', ρ' density of polysaccharide Τ pore tortuosity Ω known function of the viscosity ratio