chapter  8
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Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Australia: Recent Progress

ByIris Mao and Songshan (Sam) Huang

China is Australia’s most valuable inbound market. Australia has experienced fast international arrivals and expenditure growth from China. China will continue to be the fastest growing market among all Australia’s inbound tourism markets in the next 10 years. On one hand, Australia is enjoying the growing numbers and economic contribution of Chinese visitors, on the other hand, it also faces fierce competition from other destination countries attracting Chinese tourists. In 2013, Australia ranked number 10 among all out-of-region outbound destinations for Chinese visitors, which do not include Northeast Asian destinations (Tourism Australia, 2014a). Australia’s share of the Chinese outbound market has not been growing. In the marketplace, Australia is challenged to maintain its preferred destination status among Chinese outbound tourists. In the new era of China outbound tourism, with more countries joining Approved Destination Status (ADS), Chinese outbound tourism to Australia has also been greatly reshuffled. In this chapter, the historic development and update with the current profile of Chinese outbound tourism market to Australia are reviewed, academic research on this topic is analyzed, and some pressing issues on Chinese outbound tourism to Australia are presented.