chapter  17
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Your Stories Online, the Heuristics of My Next Journey

ByXin Yang, Dan Wang, Brian King

The remarkable economic growth of China over recent decades has brought transformations in many aspects of society such as socioeconomic structures, personal welfare, lifestyles, Internet popularity, and values (“What China Wants,” 2014). Three decades of almost continuous double-digit growth have benefited Chinese households, with a 26,955 yuan average per capita disposable income for urban households in 2013 (National Bureau of Statistics of China, 2014). Economic growth has also impacted communications. The total Internet penetration rate in China reached 46.9%, and by mid-2014, there were 632 million Chinese Internet users (China Internet Network Information Center [CNNIC], 2014). Changing Chinese society has also been reflected through the interests of Chinese tourists who are setting out to experience the world outside China in diversified ways (Wu and Pearce, 2014a).