chapter  19
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An Empirical Study on Travel Intention to Japan: A Case Study of Mainland Chinese Citizens after the Diaoyu Island Political Crisis

In recent years, with the development of the economy, the sustained growth of income, the improving transportation system, and favorable policies, the outbound tourism in China greets its peak development. Japan, as the neighbor of China, becomes an important destination of Mainland Chinese citizens. In the 1990s, outbound tourism to Japan by Mainland Chinese tourists developed at a slow pace. In 1990, only 105,993 tourists traveled to Japan, while in 1999, it increased to 294,937, which was only 1.5 times of increase before 10 years. In 2000, China and Japan signed an ADS agreement. Since then, China and Japan witnessed a rapid tourism development. In 2013, tourists from China amounted to 1.314 million. Tourism, as a way of nongovernmental diplomacy, plays an important role in strengthening mutual understandings and friendships among nations, enhancing friendly cooperation and communications.