chapter  9
The role of ultrasound in investigating abnormal uterine bleeding
ByMaha Alkatib, Thomas H Bourne
Pages 6

Investigation of abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is accountable for a significant proportion of the gynecologist's outpatient workload. 1 As the management of AUB diversifies with new, sophisticated medical and surgical approaches, accurate and rapid diagnosis becomes desirable. Ideally, a diagnosis should be reached at the index visit with a specialist, thus requiring various diagnostic tools to aid this. Up to 60% of women will have no identifiable pathology to explain their AUB: to subject such women to a general anesthetic, hysteroscopy, and curettage carries a measure of financial and physical burden, as well as prolonging anxieties and delaying initiation of treatment. Many approaches have been suggested in an attempt to distinguish between women who warrant further operative intervention and women who could be initially managed with medical or conservative treatments.