chapter  24
Endometrial cryoablation
ByAndrea S Lukes
Pages 6

The challenge for all endometrial ablation technologies is the unique and impressive ability of the endometrium to regenerate. The endometrium is predominantly an endocrine organ that responds to a sequence of orchestrated hormonal signals which then result in normal menstruation. In addition, there is growing evidence regarding the important role of both hematologic and immunologic factors within normal menstruation. The goal of endometrial ablation is to destroy the endometrium. The now well-established technology of cryoablation is one of many technologies designed to destroy the endometrium. Cryoablation provides an effective treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding and other menstrual disorders. Cryoablation is unique in that it uses freezing as a method to destroy the endometrium, compared to other technologies which either remove or destroy the endometrium using heating or microwave energy. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for physicians to transition this procedure to an office setting.