chapter  12
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How to Perform and Interpret Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography

ByNico R Mollet, Niels Van Pelt, Willem B Meijboom, Annick Weustink, Francesca Pugliese, Filippo Cademartiri, Koen Nieman, Gabriel P Krestin, and Pim J de Feyter

Computed tomographic coronary angiography is an emerg-

ing technique able to noninvasively detect significant coro-

nary stenoses as well as nonsignificant coronary plaques.

Rapid developments in Multislice CT technology has resulted

in a markedly improved image quality when imaging the

small and rapidly moving coronary arteries. However, CT

coronary angiography remains challenging, even using the

latest generation Multislice CT scanners. In this chapter we

will describe limitations and pitfalls in cardiac CT as well as

tips and tricks on data acquisition and image reconstruction

when performing CT coronary angiography.