chapter  17
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Computed Tomography of the Myocardium, Pericardium, and Cardiac Chambers

ByJames F Glockner

Recent developments in cardiac CT technology have been

employed primarily to investigate coronary artery disease,

whether to detect and quantify coronary artery calcification

or to directly image coronary artery luminal narrowing with

CT angiography. Considering that coronary artery disease

is the major cause of death in the western world, this is an

eminently reasonable approach. It is worth noting, however,

that not all cardiac pathology involves the coronary arteries,

and that many of the CT techniques used to image the coro-

nary arteries are equally applicable to detecting and charac-

terizing non-coronary pathology. This chapter offers a brief

overview of the use of CT to image the myocardium, peri-

cardium, and cardiac chambers.