chapter  20
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Multislice Computed Tomography Evaluation of Congenital Heart Disease

ByRobert C Gilkeson, Kenneth G Zahka, Ernest S Siwik

Traditional evaluation of congenital heart disease was first

performed with conventional angiography.1 While the infor-

mation enabled with catheter angiography is important in

the evaluation of patients with CHD, it remains an invasive

procedure requiring sedation and significant radiation. The

development of echocardiography enabled real time evalua-

tion with excellent anatomic detail and functional informa-

tion. It is widely available, portable and is performed without

ionizing radiation. Echocardiography has become the pri-

mary diagnostic method of choice in the evaluation of

patients with CHD.2 This technique enables non-invasive

evaluation of anatomy, myocardial and valvular function.