chapter  27
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Mesenteric and Renal Computed Tomographic Angiography

ByFred M Moeslein, Eric E Williamson, Dominik Fleischmann

The last decade has witnessed an exciting and at times

breathtaking evolution in cross-sectional imaging. The

lightning pace of change in MRI and CT has completely

revolutionized the way we as practicing radiologists and our

referring clinician colleagues evaluate patients for a wide

array of pathologies. Multidetector CT has transformed CT

imaging from a two-dimensional into a powerful three-

dimensional imaging modality. This evolution has brought

to the mainstream single breath-hold imaging of the

abdomen and pelvis, with sub-millimeter isotropic acquisi-

tions. This change is particularly evident in the field of CT

angiography, where the advances in CT technology now

allow us to detect subtle changes in second and third order

segmental branches in the mesenteric and renal vasculature.

The recent advances allow CT angiography not only to rival,

but in many cases to replace, diagnostic digital subtraction