chapter  35
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Hybrid Imaging Combining Cardiovascular Computed Tomography with Positron Emission Tomography

ByRoman Fischbach, Klaus Schäfers, Kai Uwe Juergens

Imaging of cardiac structure and function, myocardial per-

fusion, and coronary artery lumen has become a routine

component in the diagnosis and management of almost all

patients with manifest or suspected heart disease. The

recent technologic advances in cardiac computed tomogra-

phy (CT), cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and positron

emission tomography (PET) have delivered high-resolution

and robust noninvasive imaging of coronary arteries, car-

diac morphology and corresponding functional data regard-

ing perfusion, metabolism, and myocardial viability. Each

modality by itself has seen a remarkable development in the

last decade, with the greatest excitement generated by the

introduction and rapid advance of multislice cardiac com-

puted tomography.