chapter  12
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Research abroad

ByStephen B Walsh and Cordelia EM Coltart

Many clinicians want to do research during their training for two major reasons: fi rstly, and probably most commonly, to improve their CV with papers and a higher degree in order to boost their job prospects, and secondly to dip their toe into the murky waters of academia, to see if academic medicine is for them. Doing research overseas can be an attractive way of achieving both of these aims and more, and one that the majority of trainees overlook when planning time in research. Indeed, those who have successfully performed their research abroad would argue that what’s important isn’t what you do your research on, it’s where you do it! Th e world of research is constantly expanding and the possibilities for working abroad are endless. With a little determination and imagination during the organisational stage, working abroad is a hugely fulfi lling and unique experience that can be both a life-and career-changing decision. Th is chapter will touch on a few of the more commonly trod pathways for UK doctors studying abroad.