chapter  8
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A Foundation for Tomorrow

Digital Policy Management (DPM) enables authorized operators to generate, adjudicate, validate, disseminate, and monitor policies. The National Security Agency-sponsored DPM team is focused on working with the community to define and develop digital policy and DPM capabilities and services in an open and vendor neutral standard process. In fact many facets of daily life, including personal and corporate communications, healthcare data, energy systems, and commerce utilize common and private Information Technology infrastructures. The danger of operating on the Internet, closed defense classified environments, or other open cyber enterprise environment is that they are susceptible to threats. Some threats may result in the loss of personal private information, large ex-filtrations of information, the use of cyber attacks as nation-state war-fighting tactics, and Wiki Leaks. Administration of policy is manual and decentralized. Policies originate from many sources and can be interpreted in different ways, leading to less effective and potentially conflicting implementations.