chapter  8
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Magnetic and Structural Studies of Multilayered Nanographites Prepared from Detonation Nanodiamond

ByVladimir Yu. Osipov

Detonation nanodiamonds (DNDs) are attracting presently consid-

erable interest as an affordable starting material for production

of carbon onion, nanographite, and graphene nanoparticles. As

mentioned in Chapter 1, transformation of DND particles into

carbon onions and nanographite can be readily achieved by high-

temperature annealing. The first thorough investigation of this

phase transition, DND-carbon onion-nanographite, can be traced to

Refs. [1, 2]. A comprehensive study of the mechanism and intrinsic

details of the nanodiamond-nanographite structural transformation

[3-5] established the possibility of investigating the optical [6, 7]

and magnetic [8, 9] effects in the onion-like and nanographite

forms of carbon, which derive from the well-developed π electronic