chapter  1
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Flow Injection Analysis: Origin and Development

WithMarek Trojanowicz

Technological progress is a constant feature these days of any area of human activity. Chemical analysis, which is indispensable for quality control in all branches of industry, production of food and pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, and natural and technical sciences, is no exception. Among the numerous trends in development of analytical chemistry and chemical analysis, of especially great importance for routine applications are mechanization and automation of analytical measurements, and miniaturization of analytical instrumentation. In mechanized instruments one or several stages of analytical procedures are carried out by appropriate mechanical devices, whereas in automated systems at least some part of the whole procedure is carried out by a measuring system based on feedback loop computerized control, involving advanced software and articial intelligence. The main attributes of mechanized and automated analytical instruments, compared to manual systems, are increased efciency of analyses and improved precision of determinations.