chapter  1
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Hi-Tech Horticulture and Climate Change

ByP. K. Ray

Horticulture crops, in general, are more knowledge and capital-intensive than staple crops. Today horticulture in India is a more vibrant and dynamic sector than ever before. It contributes nearly 30% of the agricultural GDP. Annual production of 74.8 million tons of fruits, 146.5 million tons of vegetables and 1.03 million tons of loose flowers (NHB, 2011) have to be increased substantially to cope with increasing demand of these commodities due to increasing population and expanding domestic and external markets. Short-term growth and long-term viability of any sector are critically dependent on access to technical knowledge, the ability to adapt that knowledge to local conditions and the flexibility to develop new production systems as market conditions change. Successful production of a horticultural crop depends on understanding of various factors affecting plant growth, fruiting, and manipulation of these factors for higher productivity and improved quality cultural activities.