chapter  21
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Climate Change Impacts on Field and Horticultural Crops with Special Reference to Bihar, Possible Adaptation Strategies and Mitigation Options

Day to day variation in the state of our atmosphere is called weather. Average state of the weather that is fairly stable and predictable is called climate. Climatic parameters include temperature, amount of precipitation, days of sunlight, humidity and wind, etc. Climate change refers to variation in earth’s global climate or regional climate over different timescales. Climate change was happening from time immemorial, but the accelerated changes due to anthropogenic factors and consequent global warming is of serious concern. Global warming due to accumulation of different green house gases is not only indicated by changes in temperature but, represents a series of events, which ultimately can have more implications than can’t be summarized in a few words. Major vulnerable areas as identified by IPCC, covering almost every aspect of our life, are global social systems, global biological systems and geophysical systems.