chapter  6
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Biocomposites for Industrial Noise Control

ByA. R. Mohanty, S. Fatima

With growing concerns towards the environment, designers are looking forward to the use of environmental friendly materials for product development. Though the aim is not to replace completely the metals or synthetic materials by these environment friendly materials. For the former have high strength and long life. However in few applications the use of composites made up of a combination of natural fiber based materials and a binder have many advantages. Like they are environmental friendly, less weight, economical and in few places are also available abundantly in nature. Natural based fiber materials like flax, ramie, hemp, banana fiber, coir, jute, cotton can be used to produce biocomposites which have many industrial applications. These biocomposites are being used to manufacture machinery enclosures, furniture, highway crash barriers, geo-textiles, as reinforcement in concrete, apparels, bags, yarns, carpets and building materials. However, they have a strong potential to be used for noise control applications as well.