chapter  12
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Mowing for Weed Management

ByWilliam W. Donald

Introductory weed science texts dismiss mowing as a method for controlling weeds (Anderson, 1983; Anonymous, 1985; Zimdahl, 1993). For example, Anderson (1983) remarked,

Mowing has limited value as a means of weed control. It is primarily used to reduce seed production and to restrict unsightly or rank weed growth. Mowing commonly is used for these purposes in meadows and pastures, along roadsides, and in waste places. (p. 72)

Some recent weed science texts do not index or mention mowing as a weed management practice (Aldrich and Kremer, 1997). Others acknowledge that mowing contributes to integrated weed management systems but cite few references or examples (Monaco, Weller, and Ashton, 2002; Ross and Lembi, 1999). Although mowing often does not adequately control weeds when used alone, it contributes to weed management systems when used in combination or sequence with other weed control methods.