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A series of imidazolinium monomers was prepared (lOa)-(lOf), and these were homopolymerized. Evaluation of these compounds showed that the short-chain monomers (lOa), (lOb) are water soluble, behaving as normal cationic salts, the intermediate-chain monomers (lOc), (lOd) are soluble only with difficulty, and the long-chain monomers (lOe), (lOf) are water soluble and show surfactant activity. The corresponding polymers show similar properties: polymers (lla) and (lIb) are water soluble, (lIe) and (lId) are insoluble, and (lIe) and (llf) are water soluble and form opaque, micellar, polysoap solutions which are good frothers. Copolymerization studies with monomer (lOe) indicate that emulsion polymers can be formed.