chapter  3
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Real-Time Cardiac Arrhythmias Monitoring for Pervasive Health Care

WithZhou Haiying, Hou Kun-Mean, de Vaulx Christophe, and Li Jian

Pervasive health care (PHC) is a new health care model that

enables patient mobility, continuous health monitoring, and timely

detection of anomalies. Comparing with the ideal PHC services, the

current available (commercial) remote patient monitoring services

such as portable monitoring equipment and prototype systems

need to be improved in real-time capability, effectiveness, and

reliability of context-sensitive anomaly detection. This chapter

addresses the PHC system architecture and anomaly detection

techniques for chronic diseases; a pervasive cardiac care (PCC)

prototype that supports real-time indoor and outdoor continuous

cardiac arrhythmias monitoring service health care models is

presented. Moreover, this chapter explores key PHC technologies

such as architecture model and system, including context-aware

recognition, abnormal detection, and adaptive environment, etc.