chapter  14
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3D Integration and Wafer-Level Packaging

WithGilles Poupon

The continuous increasing performance of microelectronics prod-

ucts places a high demand on packaging technologies. Higher func-

tionalities, high miniaturization, high reliability and low production

cost are the main drivers, and the requirements are driven by the

consumer market. On one hand, when components are integrated

into one package as an electronic system, the arrangement is called

“system in package” (SiP). On the other hand, when functionality

and integration level are directly connected with the core CMOS,

the arrangement is labeled “system on chip” (SoC). In SiP, different

technologies are used to meet specific needs. One of the most

promising approaches is 3D integration. This technology involves

several developments, including stacked devices or packages, a

silicon interposer with through-silicon vias (TSVs) and embedded