chapter  5
Nanosheets and Nanocones Derived from Layered Hydroxides
ByRenzhi Ma, Takayoshi Sasaki
Pages 28

Layered metal hydroxides (Braterman 2004, Rives 2006, Carillo and Griego 2012, Wang and O’Hare 2012), consisting of metal-hydroxyl host layers (sheets, slabs) and/or charge-balancing anions in the interlayer galleries, aord a large variety of functionality and hybrid possibility for potential applications as anion exchangers and adsorbents (Constantino and Pinnavaia 1995, Nijs et al. 1998, Rives and Ulibarri 1999, Millange et al. 2000, Aisawa et al. 2001), catalysts (Cavani et al. 1991, Kumbhar et al. 1998), active electrode materials (Mousty et al. 1994, Robins and Dutta 1996, Lee et al. 2011, Zhao et al. 2011, Liu et al. 2012), and drug delivery systems (Choy et al. 1999, 2000, Khan et al. 2001, Del Arco et al. 2004, Gordijo et al. 2005).