chapter  20
Ultrashort Carbon Nanocapsules for Biomedicine
ByStuart J. Corr, Steven A. Curley, Lon J. Wilson
Pages 16

Carbon-based nanomaterials such as single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), graphene, C60 buckministerfullerene, and graphene nanoribbons have received considerable attention over the last two decades. For SWNTs, because of their unique physical attributes such as electronic configuration (Strano et al. 2003), high aspect ratio (Dresselhaus, Dresselhaus, and Saito 1995), mechanical properties (Dresselhaus et al. 2004), and ease of functionalization, they have become an attractive candidate in the field of nanomedicine, especially in such applications as drug delivery vectors (Klumpp et al. 2006; Prato, Kostarelos, and Bianco 2008), noninvasive radiofrequency (RF) hyperthermia cancer therapy (Gannon et al. 2007), and contrast agents (CAs) for diagnostic imaging modalities.