chapter  5
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Aortogram and Runoff

WithIrvin F. Hawkins

We have used CO2 for lower extremity angiograms since 1970 in primarily “high risk”

patients. In the past, CO2 was used most frequently for aortograms and runoffs, primar-

ily in patients with allergies and renal failure. In approximately 90% of patients, the

entire runoff, including the feet, can be imaged solely with CO2, and with addition of

small amounts of iodinated contrast, the feet can be imaged in almost 100% of the

patients. The buoyancy and low viscosity of CO2 occasionally provides better filling

than iodinated contrast of collateral arteries (Figs. 1 and 2), tumors, arteriovenous (AV)

shunting, and bleeding sites.