Beneficial use of brick rubble as pavement sub-base material
ByT. Aatheesan, A. Arulrajah, J. Wilson & M.W. Bo
Pages 6

Recycling and reuse of waste materials is a topic of global concern and of great international interest. The urgent need for recycling is driven mainly by environmental considerations due to the increasing scarcity of natural resources as well as the increasing cost of land fill in most countries. Construction and demolition (C&D) materials are generated by regeneration of infrastructures and demolition activities and accounts for the major proportion of the waste materials present in landfills. Recycled brick, concrete and glass for instance are viable substitute materials for natural construction materials in engineering applications such as pavement sub-base material. Certain countries have been using recycled C&D materials in civil engineering applications but there is still scope for wider engineering applications of such recycled materials.