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Measurement concept for broadband impedance spectroscopy analysers for process applications

WithY. Zaikou, A. Barthel, T. Nacke, U. Pliquett, M. Helbig, J. Sachs, J. Friedrich & P. Peyerl

Most commercial measurement devices in impedance spectroscopy are impedance analyzers that utilize the ‘frequency sweep’ concept for sensing the properties of interest across a wide frequency range. These are ’high-end’ measurement systems, highly versatile and precise; they employ measurement principles that guarantees enormous data quality. However, this very principle does not allow the development of a small lightweight system (which is a prerequisite for many non-laboratory applications). Moreover, the requirement of highly trained personal (which arises due to the high flexibility of analyzers) and the ultimate parameter-cost of the system-often limits the acceptance of such devices.