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An agent-based distributed decision support system for fire rescue

WithY. Wang, W. Shao &Y. Wang

Fire rescue is one of the most important public safety activities. A typical scenario of the fire rescue process is depicted as follows. After the fire department gets a fire alarm call, it will send a fire fight team to the fire field. Normally, a fire fight team consists of one incident commander vehicle, two engine vehicles, one ladder vehicle, and the most important role, a set of firefighters, who are grouped as squads associating with one of the above vehicles. In the fire rescue spot, the incident commander is in charge of the whole fire rescue situation, including monitoring the fire field and making real-time schedule on firefighter assignment. The two engine vehicles carry water, which will be used in the case when water is lack near the fire field.And the ladder vehicle holds the utilities like ladders that are needed by the firefighters. The firefighters are organized into different squads based on their specialty and fight cooperatively to eliminate fire in the fire field; and near the rescue spot, there are medical rescue teams, police officers, person in charge of the fire area who are preparing to provide directed services in time; and in the fire rescue command center, command and decision-makers and experts in related fields are taking part in fire rescue in the same time who can put forward alternatives, coordinate distribution of relief resources, and control the progress of the fire rescue. So, fire rescue is complex system engineering involved in many people and equipments, and during the rescue, there are a large number of uncertain factors, fuzzy factors and even unknown factors needed to deal with. Emergency decisions in the process of fire rescue with the feature of real-time decision and non-programmed decision-making are different from the procedural decision making (Dai Ruwei. Metasynthetic 1991). When the fire rescue happening, a decision support system needs to share information resources form the internal and external fire spot among participants and to collaborate

them to make a real-time decision. So, this article will describe this kind of fire rescue decision support system from system modeling, decision process and system implementation perspectives.