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Numerical simulation of free-space explosion based on LS-DYNA

WithL. Liu, Y. Yao, Y. Li & K. Xia

Explosion is a kind of chemical reaction process of high-speed, automatic transmission, with large amounts of heat released and gas produced at the same time. The explosion may cause damage such as vibration, combustion, and pressure blast wave, etc., and nuclear radiation and electromagnetic pulse may even exist during the process of nuclear weapon explosion. General, the main concern is the damage of the explosive blast wave. Although experiment is the best way to study the process and effect of explosion, there are many practical difficulties in such intensive research together with various uncertain factors because completing an explosion within such an extremely short periodwhich is devastating per semay limit the experimental observation andmeasurementmeans; whereas, numerical simulation approach can be affected less by the environment, and it is easy to change the simulation conditions and parameters, which plays an important role in regularity study of performance and explosive experimental design. Numerical simulation has become an important means of explosion study.