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Research on transient state of ultrasonic feeding

WithL. Li & Q. He

In recent years, with the development of the piezoelectric drive, especially the development of the ultrasonic motor, the ultrasonic feeding has been rapidly developed. Nowadays, the ultrasonic feeding is gaining ever increasing attention due to its advantages such as running without noise, fast response of startup and stopping, light-duty and diversified structures etc. (Mracek & Wallaschek 2005, Yang & Li 2003, He & Wolfgang 2003). The motion of the specimen of the ultrasonic feeding embraces the steady state behaviour and the transient state behaviour. The steady state behaviour is the steady motion of the specimen with the actuation of the steady oscillation of the ultrasonic oscillator, and the transient state behaviour is the motion of the specimen under the conditions of the startup and the stopping of the ultrasonic feeding. Although the ultrasonic feeding mainly works in the steady state, the transient state is very important to control the motion of the specimen, as well as to the design of the ultrasonic feeding.