chapter  4
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Bipolar Amplifier Design

This chapter gives an overview of amplifier design techniques using bipolar transistors. An elementary understanding of the operation of the bipolar junction transistor is assumed. Section 4.2 reviews the basic principles of amplification and details the proper selection of an operating point. This section also introduces the three fundamental single-transistor amplifier stages: the common-emitter, the commoncollector, and the common-base configurations. Section 4.3 deals with the problem of amplification of dc and difference signals. The emitter-coupled differential pair is discussed in great depth. Issues specific to output stages are presented in Section 4.4. Section 4.5 briefly touches on supply-independent biasing techniques. Next, Section 4.6 combines all the acquired building block knowledge in a condensed overview of operational amplifiers. A short conclusion is presented in Section 4.7, followed by a list of references.