chapter  65
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Spectroscopic Data of Biologically and Medically Relevant Species and Samples

This chapter provides several tables summarizing spectroscopic properties of various biologically and medically relevant species and samples. It is divided into two main sections: (1) Fundamental Spectroscopic Properties of Biologically and Medically Relevant Molecules and (2) Spectroscopic Data for Biological and Medical Applications. The spectroscopic data for the first section are provided in the following tables:

• Table 65.1, Characteristic Raman Frequencies

• Table 65.2, Characteristic IR Band Positions of Functional Chemical Groups and Molecules

• Table 65.3, Characteristic IR Absorption Frequencies of Compounds

• Table 65.4. Characteristics of Electronic Transitions between




, and



• Table 65.5, Absorption Characteristics of Common Fluorophores

For the second section, the spectroscopic data are provided in the following tables, which are grouped into specific spectroscopic methods:

• Table 65.6, UV-Visible Absorption Data

• Table 65.7, Infrared Absorption Data

• Table 65.8, Raman Data

• Table 65.9A, Fluorescence Data: Biochemical Studies and 65.9B, Fluorescence Data: Cellular Studies, Tissue and Biofluid Studies (

in Vitro

), Animal Studies (

in Vivo

), and Human Clinical Studies (

in Vivo


• Table 65.10, Elemental Analysis Data

The spectroscopic information provided in these tables was compiled from a variety of sources: reviews, articles, and book chapters, and almost 700 references, as indicated in the individual tables. We have made special efforts to group the data in each table whenever possible into subclasses that are relevant to biological and biomedical applications. These subclassifications include:

• Biochemical studies (individual compounds)

• Cellular studies (

in vitro


• Tissue and biofluid studies (

in vitro


• Animal studies (

in vivo


• Human clinical studies (

in vivo


Due to space limitations, the information is not meant to be comprehensive; rather, the aim is to serve as a starting point for a researcher who is unfamiliar with a certain field but would like to obtain the initial information to begin an investigation in a specific area or topic related to biological or medical research. We hope that this chapter will serve as a useful reference source for a broad audience involved in research, teaching, learning, or practice of medical technologies.