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Evolution of arsenic and groundwater isotopes along a sharp gradient in arsenic concentrations in Van Phuc, Vietnam

R. Kipfer, C. Stengel & M. Berg B.C. Bostick & A. van Geen
WithR. Kipfer, C. Stengel, M. Berg, B.C. Bostick, A. van Geen, M.O. Stahl, P. Oates, C.F. Harvey, V.T.M. Lan, N.-N. Mai, P.T.K. Trang & P.H. Viet

Besides the As and sediment reflectance shown in Figure 2, the sharp transition zone is also characterized by sudden changes in dissolved ammonium, dissolved organic carbon, manganese, and iron concentrations. And perhaps even more striking are the groundwater ages that exhibit young water converging with old water in the transition zone (Fig. 3).