DDARF-A simple solution for simulating rock fragmentation
ByY.Y. Jiao & X.L. Zhang
Pages 14

ABSTRACT: The fragmentation of jointed rock is a very complicated mechanics problem. When continuum mechanics methods such as FEM and BEM are employed to simulate the fragmentation of jointed rock, it will fall across divergent equations and lead to calculation failure. Under this background, this paper presents an approach within the framework of discontinuous medium mechanics, namely discontinuous deformation analysis for rock failure (DDARF), to simulate the rock fragmentation process. In the proposed method, by adopting the FE adaptive mesh generation technique-the advanced front method, the computational model of triangular DDA block system is automatically established. Also, the randomly distributed mechanical parameters statistically satisfying Weibull’s law are assigned to the blocks to simulate the heterogeneity of rock mass. In the generating process of the block system, numerous artificial joints come into being. These artificial joints provide the potential paths along which the cracks generate and propagate. The two blocks beside an artificial joint are glued together through adhesive algorithm, and if the glue is invalid, the artificial joint will break and turn into real crack. In this way, the rock fragmentation process can be simulated. Based on the proposed algorithms, the corresponding C++ program module is developed and incorporated into the original DDA code, i.e., the DDARF program. The results of several verification examples indicate that the DDARF method can simulate the whole process of rock fragmentation, and is suitable for cases of intact rock, rock mass with non-penetrative joints, and even blocky rock.