Numerical simulation of landslide turning into debris flows using discontinuous deformation analysis method
ByB. Hu, A.Q. Wu, B.W. Gong & B. Lu
Pages 6

ABSTRACT: Mud-rock loosening deposit can easily change into debris flow if inspired by rainstorm. With advantages of real time variable employment and large discontinuous deformation simulation in the method of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA), the dynamic process of landslide turning into debris flows is carried out. Based on the geometric model of Jiangjia Ravine in Yunnan province of China, this paper simulated the process of loosening deposit turning into debris flow under condition of rainfall by using the two-dimensional DDA code-DDA2D. Result showed that the particle would start moving and accelerating then caused the displacement increasing, induced the chain destroy process and mechanism of landslide and debris flow when the water content surpassed the critical moisture content.