Application of DDA and NMM to practical problems in recent new insight
Y. Ohnishi & T. Koyama T. Sasaki & I. Hagiwara
ByY. Ohnishi, T. Koyama, T. Sasaki, I. Hagiwara, S. Miki & T. Shimauchi
Pages 12

ABSTRACT: The authors introduced for the practical problems by using 2D-DDA, 2D-NMM, 2D-Coupled analysis of NMM and DDA and 3D-DDA in recent new insight. Categories of the analysis are distributed 2D-DDA dynamic rock fall problems and its sensitive analysis between the velocity ratio and the penalty, Earthquake response analysis of rock slopes, 2D-NMM, 2D-coupled analysis of DDA and NMM and 3D-DDA rock fall problem. Model of Bayon temple at Angkor Thom in Cambodia as the world heritages of UNESCO is analyzed. The authors evaluated the applicability of the methods and the reliability of the results by comparisons between different methods and site observations for the practical problems.