chapter  2
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Serum IgE Distributions in Normal and Asthmatic Subjects

ByChantal Matkin Dolan, James D. Reimann, Sharon Safrin, and Robert B. Fick, Jr.

Closely following the identification in 1967 of the new immunoglobulin IgE possessing reaginic activity, the biological role of IgE in atopic allergy became apparent. Almost immediately attempts were made to modulate IgE and, it was hoped, improve the condition of highly allergic individuals worldwide. Study reports of the causes for variation in serum IgE in normal populations and the distribution of IgE in allergic population samples fueled these nascent therapeutic efforts. Population-based studies of serum IgE have garnered increased attention with the recent publication of study results of a safe and effective monoclonal antibody-binding IgE (omalizumab/Xolair).