chapter  8
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Epilogue—closing remarks: trends in and future of medicinal chemistry


Pharmaceutical chemistry is among the most rapidly advancing disciplines, with constant change of the methods and techniques used towards its principal target, the drug. Thus, we have reached the present state of the art of medicinal chemistry, with promising application of rational drug design in the discovery of drugs. This has been realized by coordinated efforts through various approaches. The art of synthetic chemistry has always been a significant preoccupation of the pharmacochemist, thus the progress of medicinal chemistry can be predicted to be sustained in discoveries in this field. However, synthetic chemistry in medicinal chemistry becomes progressively structure based, using physical organic, crystallographic techniques and computational chemistry [1, 2]. The issues in the future of medicinal chemistry are not technical, since synthetic methodologies are rapid, sophisticated and stereospecific. Structure determination permits, or will soon permit, elucidation and interpretation of drugreceptor interactions, and therefore the development of more selective drug molecules [3].