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A hybrid system for skin lesion detection: Based on gabor wavelet and support vector machine

WithM.K.A. Mahmoud & A. Al-jumaily

Australia is one of many countries in which skin cancer is simply “wide spread” in comparison to other types of cancer [1] [2]. Researchers have found that Australian melanoma rates are the highest globally at almost four times the rates seen in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States[3]. Skin cancer costs the health system around $300 million Australian dollars annually, the highest cost of all cancers. Melanoma has near 95% cure rate if detected and treated in its early stages [4]. This study proposes an automated system for discrimination between melanocytic nevi and malignant melanoma. The general approach of developing a Computer Aided Diagnostic system for the diagnosis of skin cancer is to find the location of a lesion and also to determine an estimate of the probability of a disease. As mentioned in the literature the digital images are often corrupted during acquisition and transmission [5]. Filters are then very important as pre-processing tools.