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An efficient computer-aided hyperspectral imaging system and its biomedical applications

WithY. Zhang, Q. Li, H. Liu, Y. Wang & J. Zhu

Molecular hyperspectral imaging (MHI) technology has been widely used for the scientific research of remote sensing (Wang&Huang&Liu 2012), and the application of hyperspectral image analysis for biomedicine has been greatly developed till today. In the past decades, researchers have developed various multispectral or hyperspectral imaging systems for capturing the biochemical image of various biological tissues. For instance, Mehrube Mehrubeoglu(2012) introduced a kind of hyperspectral imaging system relies on the optical properties of materials which absorb or scatter light at different wavelengths. Then, Yongyu Li, Jiajia Shan, et al(2011) introduced a system to assess the beef-marbling grade using hyperspectral imaging technology, which was developed to collect hyperspectral images in the spectral region of 400-1100 nm. In addition, Benxue M A, Wendong XIAO, et al(2011) proposed an identification method to detect the slight bruises and bruises area of fruits based on hyperspectral imaging technology. From the above, it can be seen that a kind of appropriative microscopic hyperspectral image capture system for biological information has a bright prospect.