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Construction of product name dynamic management system for different classification criteria

WithH. Cai, F. Wu, J. Kang & Y. Jiang

Unified product name is the basic prerequisite for national import and export transaction, an important guarantee for orderly development of social economy, as well as the key to achieving inter-industry data sharing basis. Currently, there are some popular and widely used product catalogs or standard specifications in the world as well as China’s import and export. However, in many of Chinese government departments, industry associations and enterprises, many different product classified catalogs are used, resulting in inconsistent granularity of commodity type, and different scope of application. Besides, products with the same name may be not in the same catalog, and bear different meanings. This phenomenon makes it difficult to achieve data sharing between different industries. For example, the data of complaints from consumers of different industries are incomparable, and different results may show up when consumers search for product in different e-commerce platforms.