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Design and implementation of knowledge management system for research teams based on content based image retrieval

WithJ. Liu, F. Meng & Y. Yao

With the development of information technology and knowledge economy, a new kind of thought and way of management comes into being, which is called knowledge management [3]. The aim of knowledge management is to build a knowledge system, which can have a cyclic utilization of knowledge from the feedback of information and knowledge. The feedback can be obtained through several methods such as creating, sharing, integration, recording, and so on. Knowledge can be divided into two categories in knowledge management theory: explicit knowledge [2] and tacit knowledge [7]. Explicit knowledge is knowledge that has been articulated, codified, and stored in certain media [2]. It can be readily transmitted to others [2]; tacit knowledge, as opposed to formal, codified or explicit knowledge, is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it, such as subjective understanding and experience [7]. An impeccable knowledge management system can make knowledge especially tacit knowledge have a great sharing. The ability of innovation in research teams will be promoted with the help of a perfect knowledge management system.