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GIS for healthy Georgia communities

WithR. Zheng

Measures of health that represent the seven leading causes of years of potential life lost (YPLL) due to death before the age of 75 were chosen to explore. YPLL was chosen as a realm of study, because health issues affecting people under 75 produce a greater economic and social burden on society. In addition, these health problems can decrease through special programs and education. The leading causes of YPLL in Georgia are in this order:

• Motor-vehicle accidents • Lung cancer • Heart disease • HIV/AIDS • Suicide • Homicide • Stroke

Data for these measures is gathered via death records that are maintained in a standardized repository. We examined additional measures of health of special interest, including substantiated infant

maltreatment, teen births and infant mortality. All mortality and other health records are routinely geocoded to the individual’s residence address so that mapping for each measure of health is a straightforword process.