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Modeling of the bioelectrical impedance of cell suspension by state space method

WithS.A. Akulov & A.A. Fedotov

Modeling of the bioelectrical impedance by creating the equivalent current model at different frequency ranges is widely used for tissue impedance spectroscopy, impedance tomography and for structure analysis of human body and multicomponent environments (Grimnes & Martinsen, 2000). During the electrical stimulation process, it is convenient to consider the biological tissues, placed between the electrodes, as an equivalent current model with the properties similar to a biological tissue. This makes possible to model innervation processes, and also allows using this equivalent circuit as a load equivalent for eletrostimulators’ testing. Analysis of bioelectrical impedance is also used for quick estimation of blood biophysical characteristics, e.g. hematocrit level may be obtained after analysis of these parameters (Kalakutskiy & Akulov, 2009).