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New chaotic image encryption algorithm based on rossler

WithS. Liu & R. Qiu

From the issues above, the literature [8] has been used Rossler chaotic sequence and the shuffle map to the pixel, making encrypt with XOR in pixel values in random order and scrambling pixel location, then to achieve the pixel encryption secondary and the encryption key map once ; While in the literature [9] was proposed a digital image encryption algorithm based on two-dimensional Henon and three-dimensional Rossler chaotic map, this algorithm used a two-dimensional Henon map to encrypted the original image once, then using three-dimensional map of the second Rossler chaos encryptions to ensure adequate security of the encrypted image. This paper proposes a new three-dimensional chaotic image encryption algorithm based on Rossler, the algorithm combine the plaintext and the initial values to obtain the initial key during the encryption process, so the algorithm and the key is not only sensitive to the initial value , but also concerned with plaintext, itcan resist chosen plaintext attacks effectively;

Meanwhile, the algorithm is also applied with scrambling and diffusion theory, through the influence of each bit of images spreading to the entire image and airspace for image encryption ,the encrypted image is more complex, so that the algorithm can effectively overcome the defects from anti-known plaintext and chosen-plaintext attacks, so this encryption algorithm is feasible.