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Purification and research of fish oil

WithH. Liu & L. Zhao

In addition, supplementation of fish oil during pregnancy may decrease the incidence rate of food and IgEassociated eczema allergy, and supplementation of fish oil during pregnancy also can improve neuro-developmental outcomes (Furuhjelm 2009, Bouwens 2009). And as well known that fish oil has a beneficial effect on human immune cells. The study reported that a high intake DHA and EPA can alter the gene expression which related to an inflammatory reaction, and induce the expression of anti-inflammatory gene (Tofail 2011). Furthermore, supplementation of fish oil has beneficial effects in hyperlipidemia, and also in some other heart diseases, for example, regular daily ingestion of fish oil can prevent dysfunction, which caused by pressure overload conditions (Eslick 2009, Duda 2009) and reduces potentially risk of fatal ventricular arrhythmias (Leaf 2005).