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Comprehensive early warning system of coal and gas outburst

WithQ. He

Coal and gas outburst is an extremely complicated gas dynamic phenomenon, apparently showing that enormous amount of coal and rock mass is broken and thrown with gas emission in a very short time.[1] China is one of the countries that suers from the most serious coal and gas outburst disasters. China’s situation of outburst prevention is very serious because of coal mining depth increased every year with an average annual increase of 10-30m.[2] The risk and complexity of coal and gas outburst is increasingly serious because of the ground stress, gas pressure, and content increased constantly. Meanwhile, the diculty of outburst prevention and controlling is increasing too. The key for controlling coal and gas outburst is prediction and warning for hidden outburst hazard and accident, and then take eective control measures to eliminate the danger before the accident occurred. Early warning mechanism is the integration of early warning technology and crisis management system that can evaluate the possibility and harmfulness of hazard according to the monitoring information and collected data. Therefore, it can raise the alarm at an early age to prompt decision-makers to take pre-control countermeasures and prevent the accidents to a great extent.